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  • Latest Version: For Windows 10
  • Latest update: 17-01-22
  • Download File: Facebook App (1.79MB)
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Facebook App Specifications

  • App Type: SocialNetworkingApplication
  • Developer: Facebook Inc.
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhon
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: RAM 2GB or More
  • Storage Requirements: 20MB or More
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Facebook App Introduction

Facebook has been developed to find friends on my surrounding friends based on information such as contact, from school, school, and neighborhood. Currently, Facebook provides a variety of services such as Facebook Messenger, Page, Group, Marketplace and Business.

Facebook : Main Features

Facebook - News Feed

Facebook – Newsfeed

Facebook News Feed is a space that lists the popular contents that your friend’s favorite page or your favorite page is based on the page of your interests.

Facebook – Story

Facebook Story is a feature that allows users to publish, photos, and videos for 24 hours. The content posted in the story is not stored in the timeline, and only 24 hours later, only the publisher published the story can be checked through the old story.

Facebook - Story
Facebook - Timeline

Facebook – Timeline

Facebook Timeline shows the timeline for each user when creating a Facebook account, as a space showing the logs, photos, videos, and content that the user shared. You can also keep memories on my timeline or share content with friends. Content that is popular during the Timeline can be displayed in the news feed others.

Facebook – Group

Facebook Group is a community gathered with a specific subject in Facebook. The group has one timeline, and the group member can share content through the timeline in the group. Groups are divided into private groups that can only join the public groups, invitations that can be subscribed to anyone.

Facebook - Group
Facebook - Page

Facebook – Page

Facebook is operated as a real name system. Therefore, it is impossible to have a personal business, or create a Facebook account from enterprises and organizations. In this case, you can use the Facebook page to announce the new news on your business, and events that are in your business.

Facebook – Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an instant messenger feature that serves text chat and voice calls, video calls, and more. You can communicate with friends anytime, because we provide services with Facebook web or mobile apps.

Facebook - Messenger
Facebook - Marketplace

Facebook – Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace platform that allows you to purchase and sell things with others and buy items near your area. You can search by distance or by category on my surroundings.

How to Download Facebook app in PC

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