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  • Latest Version: v6.02
  • Latest update: 06-01-22
  • Download File: winrar-x64-602.exe (3.2MB)
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WinRAR Specifications

  • App Type: UtilitiesApplication
  • Developer: Eugene Roshal
  • OS: Windows, Mac, Android
  • Language: English, Spanish, French
  • License: USD 0
  • Memory Requirements: 64MB or more
  • Storage Requirements: 3MB or more
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WinRAR Introduction

WinRAR is a shareware compressed software. Supports compressed compressed files in RAR or ZIP format and supports numerous compressed file formats. It is a software that records a lot of downloads worldwide with very light capacity.

WinRAR : Main Features

WinRAR : Main Features
  • The fastest and most secure software among compression software.
  • WinRAR is a compressed file management software available on Windows, Mac, and Android Mobile Devices.
  • Supports compressed file formats such as RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LAH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BBZ2, JAR, ISO, and 7Z.
  • You can create automatic compression and multi-volume compression files.
  • Recovery records and recovery volumes via the volume to provide a surcharge of data to make it easy to recover.
  • All metadata and archives in the compressed file are protected by AES 256-bit military encryption technology.
  • Basically built in WinRAR, the built-in virus scanner prevents compression files and viruses that are contained in the archive or archive.
  • Partitioning the archive split into a smaller, easy-to-manage file.
  • WinRAR products have been developed to be recovered with damaged files.

How to use WinRAR on Windows 10

WinRAR : Update Release

Version / DateFixed
v6.02 / 14.06.20211. The ZIP SFX module rejects processing of SFX commands stored in archive annotations if such annotations exist after Authenticode digital signatures have been initiated. It is done to prevent possible attacks by including the ZIP archive in the signature body.

2. WinRAR uses https instead of http in web notification windows, homepages, and theme links. Additional inspections are also implemented within the web notification. This is done to prevent malicious web pages from running existing files on your computer. These attacks are only possible if an intruder spoofs or controls a user’s DNS record. Restricting the actual application of this attack includes several other factors.

3. If applicable, the SFX archive displays additional rows with detailed error information provided by the operating system.

4. Switch-idn also hides archived names in the ‘v’ and ‘l’ commands. It can be useful if you only need archive type or full information.

5. When the -ibck-ri switch is used together, the WinRAR process sets the priority specified in the -ri switch. The previous version ignored -ri and set the priority to low if there was a -ibck switch.

6. When using the “Change File/Drive” command, WinRAR saves the last folder of the previous drive and restores it later when it is selected again.

7. The name of the decompression file is now included in the WinRAR invalid password alert for the RAR5 archive. It can be useful when decompressing non-solid archives containing files encrypted with other passwords.
v6.01 / 12.04.20211. The Ctrl+A keyboard shortcut selects the full text in the WinRAR annotation window.

2. When archived, if the -idn switch is used with -t or -df in the console RAR, it additionally disables “Delete ” or “Test ” messages typically issued by these switches.

3. WinRAR and ZIP SFX modules refuse to extract the contents of the ZIP SFX archive if there is a ZIP central directory after the Authenticode digital signature starts. It is done to prevent possible attacks by including the ZIP archive in the signature body.

4. Fixed the bugs.
v6.00 / 07.12.2020The highlights of the new version are as follows.

A new option for read error prompts can save a lot of storage time if a locked small file occurs during a large backup procedure. “Ignore” allows you to continue processing only the parts of files that have already been read, and “Ignore All” does the same for all subsequent read errors. For example, if a user archives a partially locked file by another process and selects “Ignores” from the read error prompt, only a portion of the file in front of the unreadable area is stored in the archive. It can help prevent long archive operations from interfering, but users should know that files kept “ignored” are incomplete. The previously available “Retry” and “End” options are still in the read error prompt.

WinRAR alerts you when you close a file if WinRAR fails to save it back to the archive because one or more archive files have been modified by an external app but the external app still locks the file. This alert contains a list of modified files and suggests immediate termination, loss of changes, or return to WinRAR to close the editor app. The previous version showed a similar warning while editing the file, but did not notify the user again when closing WinRAR.

If multiple archives need to be extracted at the same time, users can now use the “Extract Archive Next” option group on the “Options” tab of the Extraction dialog box to store extracted files in the specified destination folder and separate sub-folders in the destination folder. Separate the child folder from the archive folder or archive the folder directly. It replaces the “Extract Archive to Sub-Folder” option and is only available if multiple archives are selected. This feature improves usability when working with multiple archives.

When unwinding a portion of a file from a solid volume set, WinRAR initially attempts to skip the volume and starts extraction from the volume closest to the specified file. By default, WinRAR resets solid statistics at the beginning of a sufficiently large solid volume if possible. For these volumes, it may now be faster to extract a portion of the file from the middle of the volume set, but decompressing all archived files does not affect performance.

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